Tizkor - Jewish Reminders

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge for your services?

We don't charge a penny for any of our services. Just keep in mind that the text messages we send are treated like any other text message.

Why don't you have an alert for ...?

That's a good question. The short answer is: we're always trying to improve upon what we already have, before jumping into new stuff. So we keep suggestions in mind, but can't promise how fast we'll get them out.

Can I advertise on your site or text messages?

Yes! Although, all advertisements must be approved.

Do you spam?

Absolutely not. Never.

How do you take care of timezones?

Our new system automatically recognizes your timezone based on your area code. If you want us to switch it you can contact us.

Why do you need my carrier (cell phone company) information?

Using our new system, we need a way to know where to route the messages to. Rather than go lookup that information ourselves (which can be costly, at times), we ask that you provide it.

I want to ask you something. How can I contact you?

The contact section of our site takes care of that...

I contacted you. What takes so long?

We're busy. With thousands of subscribers, and a relatively small staff, what can you expect?