Tizkor - Jewish Reminders

It's our 17th year!

We're back for our seventeenth year of Sefira reminders

Sign up for our Sefira Reminders (US or Canada only)

Our nightly reminders are sent at approximately 9:30pm in your local timezone.

To subscribe to our nightly reminders, send a text message with the words sign up to:

(347) 906-5853

If you would like to get a 2nd reminder each morning (sent at approximately 11:30am in your local timezone) send another text message with the words morning reminder to the same number listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop receiving these reminders (opt-out)?

Simply reply with the word "stop" to any of our numbers at any time. Your number will then be automatically removed from all of our alert lists.

Is there any charge for this service?

We do not currently charge for any of our services. However, do keep in mind that our text messages will be treated by your carrier like any other text message you receive. So if your plan normally charges for receiving a message, it will apply to these messages as well.

How can it be free, though?

Providing this service certainly isn't free! While we try to keep our costs to a minimum, both sending text messages as well as upkeeping our system can cost quite a bit. We solely rely on support from our sponsors to make this all happen. Speaking of which, if you would like to sponsor a day of sefira reminders, or help us, please click the donate button below.


Why do you have us sign up again each year?

We recognize that over the course of an entire year, many of our subscribers may have changed phone numbers. We therefore ask that you sign up again so that we don't inadvertently send someone the reminders if they do not wish to receive them

You have my timezone wrong - how can I fix it?

We try to automatically detect your timezone by using your area code. However, if we got it wrong, please text us at our help line (757-967-7437) and we will be happy to fix it.

Is there any way I can receive the messages at a different time?

This year, we have begun development of this capability into our systems. Please contact us at our help line (757-967-7437) and we may be able to change the time that you are set to receive the messages.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

See our contact page for more information on getting in touch.